Sample Projects

List from our reference projects

Abu Dhabi – Geospatial Data Portal

Abu-Dhabi-Geospatial Portal - UAEAbu Dhabi Systems & Information CentreBusiness NeedsIn Abu Dhabi, government entities have invested heavily in GIS technology and geospatial data to meet their own organizational needs. This [...]

ADA – Riyadh Development Authority

AR-Riyadh Maps for AR-Riyadh Development Authority - KSAAR-Riyadh Development AuthorityADA required a user friendly, all-encompassing solution to be implemented for Al-Riyadh city, in Saudi Arabia, with the goal of making [...]

AGIBA – Petroleum Information Management

AGIBA - EgyptGeo-Petroleum Information Management (Geo-PIM)Business NeedsGeographic Information Systems influence all aspects of the Oil & Gas industry from locating and extracting new resources to improving field management and ensuring [...]

ALDAR Enterprise GIS System Geographic Enabler Properties

ALDAR Enterprise GIS System - UAEALDAR Properties - United Arab EmiratesBusiness NeedsALDAR wanted to create “World Class Cities” and to be part of the best service in the region for [...]

ARC – Crop Mapping and Field Boundary Detection

Crop Mapping and Field Boundary DetectionAgricultural Research Center (ARC)Business NeedsAgriculture automation is a main concern and an emerging subject for every country to optimize providing and reserving the annual storage [...]

Cairo Governorate Geoportal

Cairo Governorate Geoportal - EgyptCairo Governorate Centralized GeodatabaseBusiness NeedsThe Cairo Governorate had a large amount of data and maps from multiple sources in multiple formats (paper and digital). Having information [...]

CSO – Central Statistical Bureau Office

Central Statistical Office - KuwaitGIS System for the Central Statistical Office (CSO)Business NeedsIn order to reach the desired goal and manage the field census accurately and successfully, the Central Statistical [...]

EGAS – Egyptian Company for Natural Gas

EGAS - EgyptEgyptian Company for Natural Gas Crises MapBusiness NeedsIn alignment with Egypt Vision 2030 and Egypt’s digital transformation strategy, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources wants to establish [...]

EGPC – Integrated GIS Assets Management

EGPC - EgyptIntegrated GIS Assets ManagementBusiness NeedsEGPC has a major role in developing the oil business in Egypt. As EGPC and its affiliated sector companies are main players in the [...]

Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization & Statistics

The Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics - EgyptIntegrated Census Field Survey System for CAMPAS Business NeedsThe Egyptian Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAMPAS) is the responsible [...]

Enterprise GIS Real Estate Solution

Akwaan Property Development - KSAEnterprise GIS Real Estate SolutionBusiness NeedsAKWAAN Properties serve as visionaries looking beyond today’s world to determine what buildings will be needed, and where. Being an intermediary [...]

GASCO – Egyptian Natural Gas Company

GASCO - Egyptian Natural Gas Company - EgyptBuilding and Developing a Comprehensive Structural Database Business NeedsGASCO manages the national gas grid and its facilities in Egypt since 1997. With high [...]

Geographical Electoral System for MSAD

MSAD - Higher Commission for Elections - EgyptGeographical Electoral SystemBusiness NeedsMinistry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD) was seeking for a GIS enterprise system that will enable electoral authorities to [...]

GIA – General Information Authority

GIA - General Information Authority - LibyaGIS Unit for the General Information Authority - LibyaBusiness NeedsThe Libyan General Information Authority (GIA) required a GIS solution that would help in keeping [...]

HUUC – The Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban

Ministry of Housing Utilities & Urban Communities - EgyptWeb Based GIS for HUUCBusiness NeedsThe Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities (HUUC)The Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities (HUUC) [...]

Libya National Geospatial Portal Geographic Information System

Libya National Geospatial Portal - LibyaGeographic Information System (GIS) Business NeedsData layers and tables in most geographic information system (GIS) databases come from multiple organizations. Each GIS organization develops some, [...]

Limitless Properties GIS Services

Limitless Properties GIS Services - UAEEstablish a Geodata Bank - United Arab EmiratesLimitless Business NeedsBeing an integrated Real Estate Development company and a business unit of Dubai World; Limitless aims [...]

MOP – Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources

Ministry of Petroleum EgyptDeveloping Operations Room DashboardBusiness NeedsThe oil and gas industry is in a constant state of change. To guarantee close monitoring of crude oil and petroleum products production, [...]

MoSS – Ministry of Social Solidarity

MoSS - Ministry of Social Solidarity - EgyptGeospatial Platform Ministry of Social SolidarityBusiness NeedsThe Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS) needed to collect its enormous and scattered data into one centralized [...]

MSIT – Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade

MSIT - Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade - EgyptGeo-Spatial PlatformBusiness NeedsMinistry of Supply and Internal Trade Geo-Spatial Platform (Egyptian MSGP), was designed to support the Egyptian Government achieve its [...]

Nakheel Community Planning and Management (NCPM)

Nakheel Community Planning and Management (NCPM) Enterprise SystemNakheel Community Management - United Arab EmiratesDiscover NowNakheel Community Planning and Management (NCPM) department needed a unified interface that helps them perform their [...]

NATGAS – Geographic Information System

NATGAS - EgyptGeospatial Platform - Producing digital gas network maps Business NeedsNATGAS is considered the largest private local distribution company in Egypt undertaking the transportation and distribution of natural gas [...]

Savings & Real Estate Investment Bank

GIS for Savings & Real Estate Investment Bank - LibyaSavings & Real Estate Investment BankBusiness NeedsSavings & Real Estate Investment BankOrganizations today have a world of information they need to [...]

SCT – Supreme Commission for Tourism

SCT - Supreme Commission for Tourism - KSAEmpower the Supreme Council for TourismBusiness NeedsA solution was required to empower the Supreme Council for Tourism by allowing it to be the [...]

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development

Ministry of Planning and Economic Development - EgyptGeo-Portal for Governmental Projects for Ministry of PlanningBusiness NeedsThe Egyptian government is targeting to increase the level of economic and social development for [...]

Town Gas – Unified Geodatabase

Town Gas - EgyptGeospatial Data Platform Business NeedsWorking seriously to improve the natural gas industry and its related projects, Town gas maintains a strategy of innovation and growth to fulfill [...]