MSAD - Higher Commission for Elections - Egypt

Geographical Electoral System

Business Needs

Ministry of State for Administrative Development (MSAD) was seeking for a GIS enterprise system that will enable electoral authorities to improve voters’ ability to access polling centers by assigning them to polling stations near their homes and avoid occurrences of citizens living in the same immediate area having to vote in different and remote polling stations.

MSAD - Higher Commission for Elections

Solution Concept

The idea of the project mainly depends on the use of geographic information systems to improve the accuracy of current voter lists in order to achieve the following desired objectives:

  • Registering voters and managing voter data, including geocoded information.
  • Providing easy access to Elected Officials information throughout the year.
  • Redrawing boundaries, enabling public redistricting input, and disclosing precinct maps along with relevant demographic data.
  • Defining the optimal polling sites and Publishing the survey and information for each precinct.
  • Coordination with electoral districts on Election Day.
  •  Displaying elections results on map.

Golden Points

  • Centralized data source
  • Registering voters and managing voters’ data
  • Providing easy access to Elected Officials information
  • Displaying elections results on map

Used Software

  • ArcGIS Server 10.1 (Standard Enterprise)
  • ArcGIS Server Network Analyst Extension
  • ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.1 (ArcEditor)
  • ArcGIS Desktop Network Analyst Extension
  • RDBMS (i.e. SQL Server)