Geo-Spatial Solutions for the Different Transportation Modes

Strengthen operational efficiency with location intelligence

Transportation is a foundation for development & economy. Either on land, in water, or in the air, the movement of people and goods are essential for daily life. Transportation industry has multiple stakeholders such as road authorities, port authorities, logistics companies, public transit organizations, regulators, and others. The target is to transport people & goods in safe & economic way in order to keep the cycle of development in any community.

Location plays a critical role in all transportation activities. A location-based system of engagement founded in GIS technology makes your data easy to understand, analyze, and act on. Thrive with location at the forefront of operations.

Key Challenges


For different transportation services increases with the growth in urban areas and population.

Safety of Transportation

Enhancing the safety of transportation services to reduce injuries and causalities due to accidents.


Optimize the costs needed for operation and maintenance.

Increase ROI

Increase ROI for assets and properties.

Meet the challenges, the world is moving to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Utilizing technologies such as IoT to monitor the movement of different transportation units. Analytics and information systems are acquired to enhance the different operations such as planning, maintenance, public transit, and traffic monitoring.
These trends are raising the CAPEX required for such major changes, building secure & reliable Information systems, and availing the required data & qualified IT resources to manage these systems.

The Advantages of Our Solutions

Geo-based Asset Inventory

Reduce the cost of operating and maintaining your assets by reducing the time needed to access the required information.


Enhance the detailed design for buildings, stations, roads,
bridges and railways.


Enhance the management of properties owned by transportation entities

Geo-enabling ITS

Adding the spatial dimension and location analytics to Intelligent Transportation Systems.

Projects Tracking

Enhance the process of tracking construction & maintenance projects in the transportation sector.

Public Awareness

Help entities deliver the needed information to the public.


Analyze the demand
plan for services and infrastructure expansions

Operations and maintenance

Improve the productivity of your O&M workforce and ensure the quality of O&M activities.

Data conversion services

Ensure you make the best use of the available data, improve its quality, and complement it to best serve your business needs.