GASCO - Egyptian Natural Gas Company - Egypt

Building and Developing a Comprehensive Structural Database

Business Needs

GASCO manages the national gas grid and its facilities in Egypt since 1997. With high standards of performance and with constant focus to be the leader of the gas market in the Middle East, GASCO strives to employ the latest technology using a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS).

Believing that digital transformation is a major contributor to future business success, GASCO renews cooperation with QSIT in a multi-phased project to develop a central data repository to gain more insights, drive intelligent operations, and deliver a safer and more sustainable business. The system serves as the centralized point of truth for GASCO’s operational data, accessible by different users/ applications "based on their permissions".

Egypt_national gas grid _01
Egypt_national gas grid

Solution Concept

As modernizing GASCO’s GIS platform is key to its transition, QSIT provided a solution composed of the following different tiers; Data tier, Service tier, and Application tier. GASCO provided all data for analysis. QSIT designed and set up processes for data analysis, validation, conversion, and migration to support building and developing a comprehensive structural database. In addition, QSIT developed the Reporting Tool application, presenting facts and figures behind the analysis, and the Asset Viewer application to display asset data on a map with different map viewer functionalities to support decision-makers.

Finally, QSIT provided the best practices and recommendations to leverage the knowledge of GIS as the working geospatial brain that delivers the digital maps and analysis needed to help run a sustainable energy business through professional training for the GASCO team on the provided applications to enable users to work confidently and productively by their own.

Golden Points

  • Improving ability to monitor, predict, and optimize business
  • Creating more sustainable operations and better manage expenses
  • Uncovering new products and services for customers