Permitting Solution

Streamline Permitting Processes Through Intelligent Solutions and Seamlessly Connect Approval Teams and Applicants.

Brief About the Solution

Improve citizen-satisfaction by simplifying the permitting procedure for citizens, investors, and companies. Increase operations across government organizations and employee efficiency by reducing cost and workloads and dedicate more time for other tasks within your organization.


  • Processing Time
  • Governance over permitting process
  • Process Unification & Compliance to Regulatory Requirements
  • Semi-Automated/ Manual Processing / Disconnected systems
  • Coordination Between Stakeholders

Key Features of the Solution

Integration Services

Integration Services

Integration services with financial, operational and CRM systems

Select and Prepare Data

Document Management

Receive, track, manage and store documents and reduce paper


Reporting Engine

Present data as interactive web reports to enable users to analyze and visualize their data.


Content Management System

Helps in process for collection, delivery, retrieval, governance and overall management of information in any format. with the capability of multiple users with different permission levels to easily browse and the solution content.

Geospatial Map Viewer

A GIS based viewer that enables users to manipulate maps in order to achieve the utmost benefit according to their business needs through which users can view, browse and navigate location based data.

Workflow Engine

Everybody has access to the information that needs to complete the action. The workflow engine memorizes client's data and history of the participants. It smartly allocates tasks, saving time in decision-making processes.

Solution Benefits

Increase permit applicants’ satisfaction

Eliminate long queues, manual processing, and complex procedures. Develop a friendly platform to prevent applicants from losing their way in dealing with several government departments and complicated processes.

Faster permitting and licensing

With simplifying the complexity of requests and applications through efficient processing, it’s possible to streamline communication between parties involved in permit issuing in both private and public organizations.