Geographic Security System

A Unified Geospatial Infrastructure Streamlines Information Update and Sharing to Stay Ready for Immediate Emergency Handling

Geographic Security System (GSS)

Is a comprehensive - on premises web-hosted Geo-enabled incident information management system. It is designated for public safety (police, fire, and/or ambulance) command and control centers; Facilities with 9-1-1 (or equivalent telephone numbers) capability for answering calls assigned to telephone number For police, fire and/or ambulance services, operated on a 24-hour basis, and as appropriate, dispatching emergency services

Response™ System VALUES

  • Increase Location Awareness To increase location awareness by Geo-enabling all modules with GIS technologies at core.
  • Decrease Response Time To decrease emergency response time, the amount of time from incident creation till arriving to the scene, by utilizing Automatic Number/Location Identification (ANI/ ALI), by utilizing real-time Unit Tracking, and by relying on predefined First Responders and Units Recommendation.
  • Increase Safety To increase safety of general public by answering and responding to emergency calls-For-service, and to increase safety of first-responders by availing the information on HazMat, Critical Infrastructure, Pre-Plans, and SOP .

GSS Features Solution

In response, QSIT is offering multiple products and solutions that address nation needs on the three main levels operational, tactical and strategic.
Response™ 9-1-1

Response™ 9-1-1 is a Geo-enabled incident information-reporting module that enables public safety call takers to create and/or update incidents based on emergency and non-emergency calls-for-service, as well as.

Response™ CAD

Response™ CAD is a Geo-enabled computer-aided dispatch module that enables public safety dispatchers to assign appropriate unit(s) on incident(s), to maintain units' status, and to maintain incidents' information.

Response™ MDT

Response™ MDT is a Geo-enabled mobile data terminal module installed in public safety units to provide infield officers with timely access to information regarding incidents, to reduce the burden on dispatchers.

Response™ Reports

Response™ Reports is a Geo-en­abled reporting module that en­ables public safety supervisors managers to generate and export reports on 9-1-1, CAD, and MDT data.

Response™ RMX

Response™️ RMX is a Geo-enabled resources management that enables public safety resources to create and/or update resources relevant to response to in­cidents.

Response™ EMX

Response™ EMX is a Geo-enabled enterprise management module that enables system administrators to configure and administer the system.