Local Government & Municipality

Support Local Governments' Entities to Provide Better Services for the Citizens

Digitally Transforming The Governmental Services Has Become More Of A Mandate Than A Trend Nowadays.

Local authorities are multi-purposes bodies responsible for delivering a broad range of services in relation to planning, housing, economic, community development, permitting, managing properties, moderating economic services and moderating the cities' primary services.

As such they have an ever increasing demand to better enhance their services, optimize their operations and generally trying their best to be smarter, more sustainable, more livable, healthier and safer. The goal is really about delivering improved services and making their communities a place where people want to live and do business.

Local authorities can make significant savings by re-engineering their processes and adopting a digital transformation strategy. Resulting in employees becoming more efficient and productive, improving services for citizens, whilst achieving substantial savings at the same time.

The government and local authorities can be held back by their dependency on legacy IT systems and manual procedures, which prohibit them from improving their services and the way they operate.

Digital transformation can be carried within locale authorities to leverage the way they operation by integrating new technologies into existing architecture and processes to address targeted areas. Whether it is to achieve rapid cost saving initiatives, enhance offered services or support new revenue-generating opportunities.

Building a digital twin for the city and its operation and connecting those twins via a common frame of securely shared data and procedures help the cities optimal goals.

Key Challenges


High dependency on the government budget and the limited sources of income


Ensure projects are implemented within planned timeframes, budgets and required quality


Coordinating between departments within the governorate and external parties

Decision Making

The difficulty of making a decision in light of the multiplicity of data sources

Our Solutions

We Use Focused Strategy, Creative Design, and Innovative Technology
  • Capital project tracking solution
  • Geo-Empowered decision support tools (Supply and Demand Optimizer)
  • Licensing and permits monitoring, follow up and performance evaluation
  • Urban planning code automation
  • Field inspection solution empowered with augmented reality
  • Land, property and asset management
  • Building municipal Geo-enabled databanks
  • City common operational picture


  • More effective, data driven decision diking
  • Enhanced government and citizen engagement
  • Optimized field workforce operations
  • Enhanced community services (safer communities, improve transportation, enhance civic services, improve cities assets management, improved infrastructure, and better environment..)