Consultation & Training

Deliver the Geospatial Message to the Whole Society to Improve Our Way of Life.

Consultation & Training

We provide technical and business GIS experts with experience in project management, agile development, roadmap planning, and GIS database administration to enhance expertise within our clients’ organizations.

Moreover, we have taken into our consideration years ago that GIS knowledge should be communicated to the community and learning it should be in hand, that is why our training services varies not only across our solutions users but rather it varies from training individuals, companies, governments, and even students.

We offer GIS orientation meetings to our new clients, to discuss how geospatial empowers their business or what new in the technology, and even to check your needs and look at how we can work with you to get the results you want.

Geospatial leadership; recipient of multiple awards, specialties for technical excellence from Esri

Team of Esri certified professional’s expert in delivering enterprise apps

Comprehensive On the Job Training

Custom tailored on the job training for professionals from all disciplines on map production, data conversion, QA/QC, etc...