Supporting the Different Workflows of Utility Management

Evolution of GIS in the Utilities Domain

The primary goal of any utility is to plan and manage the use of facilities to deliver a commodity such as water, natural gas, or electricity to its customers. The utility industry has always relied on hardcopy maps to manage facilities, so it was natural that electric, gas, and water companies should be among the first users of digital mapping software.

Oil & Gas

Help our customers to develop apps to deliver digital services and technology.

Water & Wastewater

Water is life! ... Delivering clean water to citizens in residential and commercial buildings is one of the key services.


Electric power utilities have long been the backbone of modern society.

With a utility network, you can do the following

  • Create and edit features and objects that model every type of utility equipment
  • Discover how features and objects in the network are connected.
  • Trace how resources, such as gas, water, and electricity, flow through the network.
  • Provide an operational view of how all the dynamic devices of your utility are currently configured.
  • Analyze how the network is affected by real-world events such as storms, outages, or equipment failure.