Ministry of Planning and Economic Development - Egypt

Geo-Portal for Governmental Projects for Ministry of Planning

Business Needs

The Egyptian government is targeting to increase the level of economic and social development for Egyptian citizen through multiple projects of the ministries, Ministry of Planning is working on the development of plans and coordination between the various government projects in order to provide the required service to the Egyptian citizen. And one of the important considerations is to achieve transparency and work to increase awareness of the Egyptian citizen by various government investments and projects and here shows the importance of having a GIS system and a centralized geographical database for the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, in order to provide information about government plans and review existing and futuristic government projects to serve the citizens in different geographic areas.

Ministry of Planning - Egypt
Solution ConceptCentral geodatabase that hosts spatial and metadata

Securing and Ensuring data integrity

The basic idea of the proposed system is to set up a central geodatabase that hosts spatial and metadata for Egyptian government projects in a way that allows building a variety of applications on top of it, to serve different types of users, the solution is based on securing and ensuring
data integrity while ensuring extensibility for easy development.

Golden Points

  • Achieve the highest degree of transparency
  • Provide accurate and timely data on the state’s plans and ways of spending
  • Ease of data analysis and information extraction

Used Software

  • ArcGIS Server Enterprise Standard
  • ArcGIS Desktop License (ArcEditor)