NATGAS - Egypt

Geospatial Platform - Producing digital gas network maps

Business Needs

NATGAS is considered the largest private local distribution company in Egypt undertaking the transportation and distribution of natural gas to end-users. One of the challenges facing the company is the wasted time in collecting the company's customer data on paper, then entering the data, as well as the accuracy of geographical data. Therefore, a powerful geographic information system is vital in facilitating and expediting the collection and presentation of data in an integrated view. This geographic Information System (GIS) represents a framework to organize, communicate, and understand data gaining actionable intelligence from all types of data. The operations dashboards provide a real-time operational view monitoring the activities and key performance indicators that are most vital to meet the organization’s objectives considering NATGAS’s large geographical coverage and a huge number of customers. These dashboards display KPIs related to contracted and proposed customers across areas.

Solution Concept

To address the needs of NATGAS, the proposed solution covers multiple services and operations including developing the enterprise geodatabase with a unified data model, configuring ArcGIS mobile field apps to collect and manage data, configuring a dashboard that displays proposed and contracted customers in different sectors, and governorates, and providing geospatial exploration application that enables users to explore and query data. This application supports the automation of different processes; importing pipelines from third-party software into our platform, estimating consumption in each building and transferring it to pipelines, loading calculation stage, adding network items, drawing household connections automatically, comparing the designed schema with the implemented one, and creating quantities tables. Finally, a detailed training program is applied to provide hands-on practice to NATGAS staff to understand the process and apply it properly.

Golden Points

  • Improving the occupational performance of day-to-day tasks
  • Achieving operational and business goals
  • Proven return on investment using the Geospatial Platform
  • Real-time monitoring for contracted customer’s consumption
  • Preparing distribution plans for non-contracted areas
  • Proactively address emergencies through integration between maps and financial department and emergency cars

Used Software

  • ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced
  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Desktop 10.8 Standard
  • ArcGIS Pro
  • Operation Dashboard for ArcGIS