Ministry of Petroleum Egypt

Developing Operations Room Dashboard

Business Needs

The oil and gas industry is in a constant state of change. To guarantee close monitoring of crude oil and petroleum products production, storage, and consumption, the Ministry of Petroleum needs an integrated view that leads to improved communication, greater efficiency, and better decision making. The ministry targets to gain valuable knowledge from data, to drive decisions and actions by checking the evolution of production rates, production levels, production area distribution, and consumptions over a different period. This supports the decision-making process and crisis mitigation leading to performance transparency in the ministry, thus supporting to see how oil production, storage, and consumption develop to make necessary changes on time.

production area distribution,
Situational Awareness map

Solution Concept

Designed to support key strategic decisions, the Operations Room Dashboard is built with state-of-the-art technology based on Esri core ArcGIS products, and benefit from QSIT's extensive know-how and experience in GIS for utilities.

The 120 dashboards help senior management and executives at the Ministry of Petroleum in visualizing and analyzing the consumed rates versus planned rates shared on different periods (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually) allowing them to make decisions based on clearly presented information. In addition, the solution allowed the management to monitor and maintain operational KPIs, assess performance and weak points, make sure the sector is prepared ahead to face any emergencies.

Golden Points

  • Performing spatial analysis to visualize patterns on the map
  • Offering real-time monitoring to uncover never-before-seen patterns, revealing secrets in the data and unnoticed trends
  • Developing a modern and efficient oil and gas sector targeting sector governance and accountability