Project Management

How PMO-as-a-Service is Transforming Companies Into the Digital Age

What is Project Management as a Service?

  • Project Management as a Service (often shortened to PMaaS) is an adaptable consulting service that allows clients to hire as many project managers as needed to see their projects through. The value of PMaaS is that clients can scale the amount of consultants up and down to fit their needs.
  • PMaaS differs from traditional consulting where the consultancy supplies the resources, but the client retains responsibility for the PMO operation and its performance.
  • PMO-as-a-Service starts with an in-depth evaluation of your business’ current state. All ongoing and future actions are evaluated in terms of:
  • Strategic business alignment • Scope • Planning • Prioritization • Budget • Risk

Why Clients Move to PMaaS ?

Traditional PMO Delivery PMOaaS Delivery
Services are provided by a team of humans Services are provided by a team of humans and digital workers
Long cycle time – Standards and processes have to be established and most of the times PMO focuses on the governance Short setup time – Pre-defined standards and processes are the starting point and bespoke teams are hands-on on the project
Human involvement required across all activities set, and use of productivity tools helps with productivity improvement Human focuses on value-added activities, whereas non-value activities are managed by digital workers
Bureaucracy varies based on PMO implementation Flexible with focus on adding value to the organization and the projects
Maturity in service is through series of continuous improvements Digital innovations drive service maturity

Ways to Match Your PMO Services to Your Organization’s PM Maturity

  • Project Management Support
  • Project Management Methodology
  • Project Manager Mentoring
  • Project Meeting Support
  • Project Governance
  • Project Audits
  • PMO Metrics and Reporting
  • Business Case Validation
  • Master Project Schedule List
  • Centralization of Project Management Documents
  • Knowledge Management
  • Change Control
  • Resource Management
  • Portfolio Management