Geo-Empowered Solutions for the Oil and Gas Industry

Optimize Your Operations, the Performance of Your Assets While Improving Your Environmental Footprint

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We offer innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions.


We offer innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions.


We offer innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions.


We offer innovative, reliable and sustainable solutions.

Current situation

Oil and gas is a massive industry that is considered as an integral part of the infrastructure and economy in most countries. even with the current growth in alternative energy sources, both oil and natural gas will retain an important role as affordable, reliable, and versatile energy products for a growing global population.


Globally the oil and Gas is heading to adopt multiple digitalization program to address these challenges and improve efficiency starting for the adaptation of digital oil field solutions to monitor and automate upstream operations utilizing IOT technologies, adherence with international HSE standards to ensure safety of the worksites and having a greener foot prints, reduce emissions and help the world reach the Paris Agreement objectives.

Key Challenges

The oil and gas industry is coping with numerous challenges such as


Supplying reliable and affordable energy to the growing global population


Meeting the heightening market demands while reducing greenhouse gas emissions


Optimize the performance of industrial base assets & improve environmental footprint


Operational challenges cost compulsions, workforce management challenges


  • Optimizing operations
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Enhanced incident response and increase situational awareness
  • Enhanced asset management
  • Reducing the environmental impact

The Advantages of Our Solutions

We Use Focused Strategy, Creative Design, and Innovative Technology
  • Projects Tracking
    Enhance the process of tracking construction & maintenance projects in Oil & Gas sector.
  • Seismic Data Management
    2D & 3D data repository to support visualization and analysis of Seismic Data
  • Field Daily Reporting Management Solution
    support the automation of daily reports from the field to have better insights on your remote operations
  • Geo-Empowered Asset Management Solutions
    Map your assets, Reduce the cost of operating and maintaining them, while optimizing maintenance operations.
  • Network Planning
    Optimize your network planning operations to increase productivity and reduce implementation cost.
  • Projects Tracking
    enhance the process of tracking construction & maintenance projects in oil and gas sector.
  • Utility Pipeline data Management solutions
    Ensure you make the best use of the available data, improve its quality, and complement it to best serve your business needs.
  • SCADA Integration
    integrate with your SCADA system to optimize your operational performance
  • Geo-AI Solutions
    More cost efficient and timely source for Right –of-way Management and identification of pipeline encroachments
  • Plant BIM/GIS integration Services
    Integrate your plants BIM models for enhanced plant management
  • Geo-Empowered Asset Management
    Map your assets, Locate them faster, Respond faster, See assets relations, optimize operations and Improve safety
  • Projects Tracking 
    Enhance the process of tracking construction & maintenance projects in oil and gas sector.
  • Supply and Demand Analysis
    Supply/Demand provides capabilities that enable you to optimize the location of your service delivery point, reduce your transportation costs and increase your service areas coverage
  • GEO-Empowered Petroleum Common Operational Picture (GCOP)
    A single identical geographically enabled display of relevant information shared by more than one command
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
    Geo-empowered solution to identify the impact of your operations on the environment
  • Inspection Management Solutions
    Automate, optimize and control your HSE inspection operations
  • Incident Management & Situational Awareness
    Aggregate & fuse data from multiple sources to quickly locate & employ appropriate assets, improve situational awareness and rapidly take action, track execution and analyze Patterns and evaluate Performance
  • Real time Incident Management COP
    Get real-time feeds from your incident location inside your emergency management control room
  • Coordinated Emergency Response
    Coordinate your emergency response teams on the field

Oil and Gas Portfolio

Oil and Gas are major industries in the energy market and play an influential role in the global economy as the world's primary fuel sources