Supply & Demand Solution

Eliminate Your Resources Allocation Guesswork, Make Better Decision Faster

Solution Vision

Provide a powerful decision support tool to forecast and allocate demand to supply in an optimized manner in order to reach desired target; the target can be minimizing overhead costs or providing high-quality service to the public or any other target (based on the organization).


  • Manually intensive end-to-end forecasting and planning process
  • Uncertainty in supply & demand leads


  • Powerful Decision Support With the what-if scenarios, visual recommendations, tabular display, informative maps and statistical graphs, you can make the right decisions seamlessly
  • Guesswork Elimination With robust algorithms and intelligent forecasting, you can get the optimal recommendations to minimize overheads and reach the desired target


  • Supply/Demand Network Optimizer A web application of processes that sense and react to real-time and future demand across a network of supply according to dynamic business rules and settings.
  • Supply/Demand Network Administration A web application for supply/demand network settings and business rules configurations.

Key Features

  • Intelligent forecasting & recommendations
  • What-if scenarios comparison
  • Simple, quick and easy visualization and user experience
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Role based navigation and data access