Utilities - Water and Wastewater

Water is life! ... Delivering Clean Water to Citizens in Residential and Commercial Buildings is One of the Key Services.

Water & Wastewater

Water is life! ... Delivering clean water to citizens in residential and commercial buildings is one of the key services.

Water is life! … Delivering clean water to citizens in residential and commercial buildings is one of the key services. This critical sector has multiple  workflows such as planning for network expansion, detailed design for network elements, monitoring the progress of running projects, operations related to existing networks, and monitoring the quality of water delivered to the citizens. Modern technologies are becoming essential to manage these different workflows efficiently.

Key Challenges


Demand water utilities with increases community growth the expansion of water networks to new urban areas.


Maintaining the quality of service in existing and future networks.


Minimize non-revenue water (NRW) due to leakage and illegal connections.

Using Artificial Intelligence for Smart Water Management Systems

Making water innovations attractive

Therefore, Water utilities are targeting to utilize the latest technologies to increase the efficiency. They are moving to Smart Water Grids that allows the monitoring of different parameters such as pressure, quality, and flow rates.

AI is trending as a tool to support decision-making. These technologies allows the better management for the different workflows related to water and wastewater utilities. Starting from planning a new pipeline to monitoring the quality of water delivered to customers.

Such trends come with their share of challenges such as raising the CAPEX required for such major changes, building a secure & reliable Information Systems, and availing the required data & qualified IT resources to manage these systems.

The Advantages of Our Solutions

Our solutions include the following features and more:
  • Geo-based Asset Inventory
    Reduce the cost of operating and maintaining your assets by reducing the time needed to access required information.
  • Network Design
    Optimize the detailed network design to increase productivity and reduce implementation cost.
  • Projects Tracking
    Enhance the process of tracking construction & maintenance projects in Water sector.
  • Operations and maintenance
    Improve the productivity of your O&M workforce and ensure the quality of O&M activities.
  • Customer Service
    Offer enhanced geo-enabled customer service to your customers
  • Water Quality
    Improve the process of monitor and containing quality of water across the network.
  • Data conversion services
    Ensure you make the best use of the available data, improve its quality, and complement it to best serve your business needs.