MoSS - Ministry of Social Solidarity - Egypt

Geospatial Platform Ministry of Social Solidarity

Business Needs

The Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS) needed to collect its enormous and scattered data into one centralized repository within MoSS. They also needed to have quick access to the data to answers critical questions regarding the geographic distribution of social protection programs' beneficiaries, the demographics and socio-economic characteristics with their geo-spatial concentration, distribution of MoSS social care facilities and the under-served areas. They also needed to know their service distribution and distribution gaps; on-ground NGO and where they provide services; as well as social development services they should focus on providing.


Solution Concept

QSIT established MoSS Geospatial Platform for National Social Protection

(MGP4NSP) to consolidate content from the different programs within MoSS.

Addressing MoSS needs for data consolidation and access to different types of information came as part of the ministry's projects aiming to achieve social stability of citizens and secure the future of successive generations in a decent life.

The platform provided a centralized geospatial repository, which hosts the data from different databases owned by MoSS or identified stakeholders, including content from the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAPMAS) Geo-Information Portal representing the essential statistical data needed to support MoSS operations.

The MGP4NSP is a one-stop-shop portal which packages beneficiaries' data and related geostatistical data, and made it accessible through an easy to use and intuitive web GIS functionality of searching, discovering, and analysis.

It enables MoSS users to perform their daily activities related to social protection and development programs, where they can utilize a number of easy-to-use tools for data analysis, planning, updating, and monitoring within MoSS.

The platform also provides the ability of data sharing and collaboration

with different stakeholders external to the organization, MGP4NSP hosts the following applications:
  • The National Social Protection information Portal is a platform for the identification of geographical locations that need to be nurtured, developed and protected by the MoSS. The portal also enables the analysis of all available data on these areas to determine the Ministry’s priorities for action.
  • Social Solidarity Dashboards are indicators dashboards for the decision makers and senior management to track all ongoing processes and available data with the possibility of showing them on maps to measure the current situation at the higher levels before zooming in to more detailed levels.
  • The solution was built with special focus on capacity building and knowledge transfer to MoSS Staff. A GIS unit was established within MoSS to support the development and maintenance of the platform, and selected MoSS staff were provided with comprehensive training to empower them in their new role within the GIS unit.

Golden Points

  • Immediate access to accurate and updated valuable information enabled better-informed decision-making.
  • Empower better planning of social protection programs and services to reach more deserving beneficiaries.
  • Better monitoring and tracking of ongoing MoSS activities and their progress.
  • Enhanced staff capacity and efficiency, hence, better performance and less waste of time