AR-Riyadh Maps for AR-Riyadh Development Authority - KSA

AR-Riyadh Development Authority

ADA required a user friendly, all-encompassing solution to be implemented for Al-Riyadh city, in Saudi Arabia, with the goal of making it easier for users to find any geographical information they needed about different places, services, and sites in Al-Riyadh city.

Riyadh Development Authority
riyadh city map

Solution Concept

The developed solution was a web-based solution that displays interactive maps. The solution allows users to view these smart maps, navigate through them, and conduct queries and analysis operations on them, in addition to searching for required information. It provides web users with the capability of aiding users in finding any required information about any place in Ar-Riyadh City, not only through textual information, but also through spatial visualization. In addition to unifying the source where all data related to the application, whether spatial or tabular, is to be stored.

Some of the functionalities offered by both our web based and mobile solutions include providing routing guidance on how to reach the desired location from the current location, indicating the optimum path for the route from one point to another, in addition to offering a quick search engine through spatial representation.

Golden Points

  • Increased customer satisfaction by providing such an easy to use, interactive, and informative service.
  • Mobile Locator application
  • Increased revenue through providing mobile locator application to mobile operators.
  • One unified storage platform
  • Available 24/7