SCT - Supreme Commission for Tourism - KSA

Empower the Supreme Council for Tourism

Business Needs

A solution was required to empower the Supreme Council for Tourism by allowing it to be the main reference for tourism related information for all types of users, in addition to connecting all of the commission‘s offices and all tourism offices with the headquarters, as well as building a unified database for the SCT, and a variety of applications to serve the SCT’s employees, as well as the public.

SCT - Supreme Commission for Tourism

Solution Concept

The developed solution is based upon building a unified Geodatabase for the SCT. It is also based on Esri’s latest server technology, namely ArcGIS Server, whereby the information can be accessed by a variety of users through an intranet, extranet, and the internet, through a series of web applications developed specifically for SCT users and affiliated entities. Moreover, the system is built to be scalable and allow for future expansions and potential additions.

Golden Points

  • Improves customer satisfaction and trust in the SCT through providing current information about any touristic related information easily and efficiently through a user-friendly venue (GIS Enabled Portal).
  • It improves the image of the SCT.
  • It centralizes the source of information through the unified Geodatabase.
  • Integrating a variety of applications each catering to a different type of user (i.e. portal, mobile clients, internally in the SCT and with its affiliated entities).