Nakheel Community Planning and Management (NCPM) Enterprise System

Nakheel Community Management - United Arab Emirates

Nakheel Community Planning and Management (NCPM)

department needed a unified interface that helps them perform their daily tasks on the existing internal systems (Nakheel Online Services, Workflow System, and Customer Relations Management), empowered with the location component, in order to be able to manage their internal workflow and Real Estate properties efficiently.

Solution Concept

The solution is a common, single sign-on, unified mapping and GIS platform serving different internal NCPM users to perform their daily tasks on the internal systems
to provide users with immediate access to property certificates and official documents, such us non-objection certificates (NOCs), Tarakhees site plans, demarcation certificates, and so forth. The solution also enhances Nakheel’s workflow system and augments it with extra functions for the auto-generation of NOCs and for automatic digital signatures through DocuSign product implementation, and other functions which help in managing Nakheel customer requests. The system is built on a unified geodatabase that acts as the centralized and only source to all of Nakheel large amounts of tabular and spatial data.
while empowering users by the location component through an intelligent map application built on Geocortex. Integration with Oracle customer relation management (CRM) system provides immediate access to property and owner information, owner legal status with Nakheel, payment status, as well as property price and status. Mapping components supports NCPM and sales teams with interactive access to property information and related location information. The system also integrates with Nakheel’s document management system (DMS), developed on top of SharePoint technology,

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