ALDAR Enterprise GIS System - UAE

ALDAR Properties - United Arab Emirates

Business Needs

ALDAR wanted to create “World Class Cities” and to be part of the best service in the region for guaranteeing ownership of land and facilitating property transactions. They needed a system that can help them to Meet UPC’s Spatial Data Submission Specifications “which require that master plans be submitted in GIS format”, establish a means of consuming AD SDI’s data and overlaying ALDAR master plans and as-built data with that of the AD SDI, and Build a configurable web-based map viewer.

ALDAR Enterprise GIS System
QSIT-Solution Concept

Solution Concept

The solution is based upon our powerful geographic enabler (.Geo) which links different data sources within ALDAR with GIS data (Databases, excel files, access file), as well as available, online data sources such as ArcGIS online maps and Bing maps.

(Geo) also provides advanced GIS capabilities over GIS and linked data, including GIS editing functions. It also allows displaying data from various sources on one map, and availing different levels of security, based on existing security measures within ALDAR. QSIT also provided ALDAR with a number of services covering their requirements such as converting master plans for both newly future master plans or a number of existing plans, providing key documentations to insure compliance of all new and futuristic plans with ALDAR GIS requirements including all general CAD/GIS instructions in compliance with UPC standards as well as specific digitization instruction between CAD files and GIS database for their master plans.

Golden Points

  • Completing Phase I of the project by a drop-dead date to be presented at a high-profile event targeted to ALDAR senior management.
  • Employing our wide experience and development best practices, as well as our development of the AD SDI to ensure quick and rigorous development of ALDAR GIS system.
  • Meeting obligations to UPC, AD-SDI and ADM preparing for compliance with future regulations while avoiding penalties.
  • Submitting development data that conforms to the UPC requirements which reduces planning approval timelines