GIS Services for Limitless Properties

Limitless Properties - United Arab Emirates

Business Needs

Being an integrated Real Estate Development company and a business unit of Dubai World; Limitless aims to focus on creating and enhancing the spaces that people live, work and play in. In order to ensure efficiency, scalability and integrity of existing and future systems, Limitless demanded a system that provides with an efficient interface for information retrieval and analysis; allowing data storage, whilst taking into consideration security issues.

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Solution Concept

The core of QSIT’s enterprise GIS system is based on Esri's latest GIS technology, allowing seamless integration with existing and future systems via following Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) approach. The system is designed based on a multi-tier architecture which helps ensure system security, efficiency and performance.

QSIT provides four professional services through this system summarized as follows:
• Establish a Geodata bank which provides a repository for the centralized and spatially enabled database at Limitless
• Data Conversion allowing two-way automated conversion between CAD and GIS
• Adopting SOA to avail integration with existing and future systems
• Applications serving Limitless different needs

Golden Points

  • Centralize data in a unified database to ensure higher data accuracy, consistency, and quality
  • Uncover actionable insights from location data
  • Recognize geographical patterns visibly
  • Reduce time and cost of spatial data analytics and visualization
  • Optimize processes and achieve greater operational efficiency

Used Software

  • ArcGIS 10.5
  • ArcGIS JavaScript APIs
  • SQL Server Database 2014