EGAS - Egypt

Egyptian Company for Natural Gas Crises Map

Business Needs

In alignment with Egypt Vision 2030 and Egypt’s digital transformation strategy, the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources wants to establish a unified national network to operate with integrity improving health, safety, and environmental operational requirements by providing public safety services.

Empowered by the fact of having common interfacing points and the dependency of decision making on information retrieval and communication among different departments, the Egyptian Company for Natural Gases (EGAS) exploits the existing infrastructure of the company and builds a geographical database for the sector using GIS to create an interactive map for emergencies and crisis management.

The goal of this map is to provide an integrated spatial view available for all concerned parties that enables access to all relevant information (such as sector assets sites, crises control resources, locations of health services points, emergency plans, accident sites ...) to achieve situational awareness and assistance in the crisis management process.


Solution Concept

Crisis Map layers for roads and landmarks, Situation awareness map, data collection, and dashboard
Situational Awareness map

QSIT provided different services for EGAS including the configuration of EGAS Crisis Map web-based application to support EGAS in crises management through the Situational Awareness map enabling users to perform basic geospatial operations, the Data Collection Module to serve as a responsive webform created to collect data, the Crises Map Dashboard to provide a holistic view of crises management assets on the ground.

Following this, QSIT prepared a story map of EGAS achievements in addition to the provision of ArcGIS Network Analyst to plan optimized routes for a vehicle or fleet, locate the closest facilities, and define service areas. Besides, QSIT extends EGAS Data Model to add more crisis map feature classes and tables, then comes the step of updating Crisis Map layers for roads and landmarks. QSIT provided training for the respective staff on how to utilize and manage the different applications, situation awareness map, data collection, and dashboard

Golden Points

  • Improving response time to emergencies
  • Improving resource management
  • Facilitating basic information sharing among different departments and functions
  • Facilitating operations follow-up for decision-makers
  • Collecting conformity indicators to Security and Safety requirements per region
  • Collecting analytical data on accident statistics

Used Software

  • ArcGIS Server
  • Portal for ArcGIS
  • Operation Dashboard for ArcGIS
  • ArcGIS Network Analyst