Head of Consultation Services

Accountabilities and Duties:

  • Following up industry trends, industry development, new technologies and applications in the IT consultancy field in general and specifically in the GIS domain
  • Identifying new business opportunities for QSIT based on the trends and developments identified in the consultancy domain
  • Liaising with the industries, innovation and other business units to develop new offering based on the new opportunities identified
  • Formulating the consultation services business unit strategy in alignment with QSIT strategy
  • Ensuring the existence of and compliance to good business practices, business process, policies and procedures to insure consistency, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the consultancy unit’s operations
  • Planning, budgeting and cost controlling for the consultation services business unit
  • Ensuring the availability of the qualified human resources required to deliver the consultation services component of QSIT’s offerings. This includes recruitment of new resources, enlisting the support of existing resources, retention of qualified resources, outsourcing, etc.…
  • Empowering consultation services business unit staff through:
    • Ensuring the knowledge, skills and capabilities of the business unit’s staff are developed in accordance with their roles, responsibilities, business unit strategy and career path
    • Coordinating with other business functions to ensure the business unit’s business needs are met.
  • Developing the consultation services business unit’s processes assets and capabilities to meet QSIT’s business requirements in light of the business unit’s strategy.
  • Managing the assignment of the consultation services resources to the various activities and delivery projects.
  • Proper Succession Planning for all Key positions in the Business Unit.
  • Ensuring proper resources planning in alignment with the sales and PMO organizations.
  • Managing the technical and quality aspects of all consultation service activities and services within QSIT
  • Supervising and coaching consultation services business unit’s human resources during all activities within QSIT.
  • Evaluating the consultation services department’s performance, identifying the root cause of any deviation from the required performance level and taking actions to correct any performance deviation. This includes evaluating employee performance, process performance, etc…
  • Contributing to the overall policies, procedures and improvement initiatives within QSIT
  • Responsible for ensuring QSIT revenue and margin targets are met.
  • Responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of QSIT’s consultation services’ delivery operations. (Creation, protection and maintenance of intellectual assets, etc…)
  • Responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction during solution delivery engagements.
  • Responsible for ensuring the continuous improvement to QSIT’s professional services delivery capabilities through recruiting and retaining the best resources, improving QSIT’s professional services delivery practices, employing new technologies, etc..…
  • Develop pipeline across regionally and globally for new consultation service
  • Sign partnership agreement with key players in the industry
  • Develop “Consultation Bank” that includes an array of local and global consultancy firms, offices and individuals.

Experience and Qualifications Required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent
  • Master in Business Administration or post graduate degree is a must
  • At least 10-15 years technical expertise where 7 years of them are in a Managerial position
  • Technical knowledge and understanding of Marketing, sales and CRM, also Financial and Accounting reports
  • Domain knowledge of GIS is preferable
  • Knowledge and understanding of Business Laws and Contracts
  • Fluency in both English and Arabic
Job Category: GIS Consultancy
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Egypt

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