Bahrain GIS Property Management System

Ministry of Interior, Bahrain

Business Needs

The MOI’s main business needs were represented in the absence of property location maps which lead to inaccurate counts of properties (lands & housing units), in addition to the absence of tracking for property transactions.


Solution Concept

QSIT’s solution is performing workflow automation, plus tailoring two spatially enabled web-based applications. The first is specified for citizens’ requests data entry via a customized web-based application hosted in the Reception Unit of the MOI. The other is specified for managing administrative job tracking till a gift paper is issued to receivers. Applying this option provides advantages such as keeping the system updated, giving MOI staff the ability to track citizens’ requests indicating request status, and achieving a high percentage of MOI system automation. QSIT provided the MOI with a spatially enabled database, the ability to link its properties to its related documents, and job tracking functionalities

Golden Points

  • Maintaining an updated record with properties
  • Automation of the property transactions processes (consolidation, subdivision, assignment)
  • Tracking properties requests (Job Tracking)
  • Linking properties with its related documents (deeds, images, videos, etc.)
  • Managing records attachments (add/update/retire)
  • Generating properties reports’ and layouts